The time honored masonry products of Structural Glazed Facing Tile and Structural Glazed Brick have proven their value through the tests of time.  The products are consistent with the “continuity of nature” theory that the clay and materials taken from the earth will ultimately be returned to the earth in a state that is compatible with and nondestructive to their surroundings.  In striving to accomplish this goal the manufacturers also comply with local, state and national environmental regulations regarding clean air, clean water and land reclamation policies. 

It is truly said of the products that they have a 100-year life and can perform for the life of the building.  Due to the durable nature of the materials they do not require refinishing, refurbishing or rebuilding thus saving money and energy over the life of the building. The products are one of the most maintenance free wall systems available due primarily to the impervious ceramic glazed finish.  The ceramic glaze is burned into the clay body resulting in a homogeneous integral bond of the glaze and the unit.  It will not peel off, flake, patinate or fade.  The finish and the body will never emit toxic fumes or ozone depleting substances. If ever subjected to a fire, it will not emit any noxious or toxic fumes, as will many other wall products. The fire safety ratings are unsurpassed: Zero Smoke Density, Zero Flame Spread and Zero Fuel Contribution.  Graffiti is easily cleaned with environment-friendly detergent products; therefore, no harmful emissions pollute the atmosphere or the earth.  The products are also ideal for exterior loadbearing cavity wall masonry that provides high energy efficient building walls.


The products are fired in natural gas kilns.  Stack emissions are at such minimum levels there is no requirement to have scrubbers or for the facility to acquire discharge permits. The excess heat from firing the kilns is recycled and used in the drying of the clay units prior to firing.  When the quantity of natural gas used to produce the product is prorated over the life-time-service of the installed wall product, the yearly average gas use is minimal.  Plant renovations and additions have utilized the newest technologies in order to provide the most environmental friendly production facility. 


The transportation of the materials utilizes trucks and/or rail.  For jobsites located within 150 miles of a manufacturing facility, deliveries are made by direct truck shipment.  For jobsites located over 150 miles from a manufacturing facility, shipments are made via piggyback rail when available.  This is the most fuel-efficient method of shipping heavy loads over longer distances.  Each piggyback train can handle multiple containers in one movement.  The plant to railhead and railhead to jobsite distances are short local hauls. 


The longevity that these products provide makes them ideal for use in any building where durability and energy efficiency is a consideration.