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Rauch Clay Sales Corporation was founded by Virginia Doan Rauch and incorporated in 1948. The company is one of the largest distributors of ceramic glazed brick (CGB) and ceramic structural glazed facing tile (SGFT) in the United States. We have seventy years of experience helping Architects, Engineers, and Interior Designers utilize ceramic glazed products in their projects.

Our company’s purpose is to provide ceramic glazed products in a variety of shapes and sizes all of which offer the flexibility of design, beauty, and durability. This enables Architects, Engineers, and Interior Designers to customize their projects to meet the specialized needs of each client. We also provide complete technical support backed up by the most qualified resources available.

The Benefits of Structural Ceramic Glazed Tile and Glazed Thin Brick

The time-honored masonry products of Ceramic Structural Glazed Facing Tile and Ceramic Glazed Thin Brick have proven their value through the tests of time. These products are Consistent with the “continuity of nature” theory that the clay and other materials taken from the earth will ultimately be returned to the earth in a state that is compatible with and nondestructive to their surroundings. In striving to accomplish this goal, the manufacturers of these products also comply with local, state, and national environmental regulations regarding clean air, clean water, and land reclamation policies.

  • Consistent quality across every unit
  • A multitude of color options, both standard, and custom
  • Shades that never fade
  • Easy installation
  • Virtually Maintenance free for the life of the product
  • Easy cleaning using nearly any cleaning product
  • Durable, decade’s long-lasting material.
  • Many shapes and design styles
  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Energy-efficient material fabrication
  • Doesn’t burn or release harmful vapors in cases of fire
  • VOC Free
  • Impermeable surface safe for food processing
  • Graffiti proof
  • Incredibly strong, 6 on the MOHS scale of hardness
  • Higher compression strength than other masonry units

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